Tebe Zalango - From the Dome

A few of those in attendance for Tebe Zalango's performance were moved to tears by the content of his lyrics and the rich sound of his stringed instruments reverberating in the dome. Violinist, singer and poet Tebe Zalango gave a moving performance in the dome on 9/12/15. Tebe has been playing the violin since hearing Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi's Four Seasons as a young child. Tebe was so moved by Vivaldi that he was inspired to begin learning to play the violin himself. Tebe credits his mother for exposing him to a broad range of music during his formative years which has helped to build his current expansive world view. Tebe's musical performance smoothly flows from the violin to poetic hip-hop to singing and acoustic guitar. Through all of Tebe's musical styles his lyrics revolve around around his central theme's of love, unity and elevated consciousness.