Worship for a Wounded Planet

2019 Celebration of World Faiths

The 2019 Celebration of World Faiths theme was, Worship for a Wounded Planet and it was communicated through a collection of multi-faith readings from the Assisi Declarations. The Assisi Declarations are a collection of individual calls from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Islamic leaders concerning their spiritual relationship with nature and sacred duty to care for it. The program featured Native American songs from the Red Cedar Circle. A Hindu Declaration read by Yolanda Scholler, Jewish declaration read by Sarah Sherer-Kohlburn, Christian declaration read by Maggie Deckard, Islam declaration read by Aun Jafri, Buddhist declaration read by Daisy Yen and a Baha’i declaration read by Chris Gourdine. Plus a musical performance from the Lovejoy United Presbyterian Church.

2019 UN Climate Action Summit

Proposing a Goal of Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

UN Climate Action Summit 2019 (Shared here from the UN Website)


Global emissions are reaching record levels and show no sign of peaking. The last four years were the four hottest on record, and winter temperatures in the Arctic have risen by 3°C since 1990. Sea levels are rising, coral reefs are dying, and we are starting to see the life-threatening impact of climate change on health, through air pollution, heatwaves and risks to food security. 

The impacts of climate change are being felt everywhere and are having very real consequences on people’s lives. Climate change is disrupting national economies, costing us dearly today and even more tomorrow. But there is a growing recognition that affordable, scalable solutions are available now that will enable us all to leapfrog to cleaner, more resilient economies.

2019 UN Climate Action Reports

Click here to read the full reports from the UN

The latest analysis shows that if we act now, we can reduce carbon emissions within 12 years and hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2°C and even, as asked by the latest science, to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. 

Thankfully, we have the Paris Agreement – a visionary, viable, forward-looking policy framework that sets out exactly what needs to be done to stop climate disruption and reverse its impact. But the agreement itself is meaningless without ambitious action.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres is calling on all leaders to come to New York on 23 September with concrete, realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020, in line with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent over the next decade, and to net zero emissions by 2050.

To be effective and credible, these plans cannot address mitigation alone: they must show the way toward a full transformation of economies in line with sustainable development goals. They should not create winners and losers or add to economic inequality; they must be fair and create new opportunities and protections for those negatively impacted, in the context of a just transition. And they should also include women as key decision-makers: only gender-diverse decision-making has the capacity to tackle the different needs that will emerge in this coming period of critical transformation.

The Summit will bring together governments, the private sector, civil society, local authorities and other international organizations to develop ambitious solutions in six areas: a global transition to renewable energy; sustainable and resilient infrastructures and cities; sustainable agriculture and management of forests and oceans; resilience and adaptation to climate impacts; and alignment of public and private finance with a net zero economy.

Business is on our side. Accelerated climate solutions can strengthen our economies and create jobs, while bringing cleaner air, preserving natural habitats and biodiversity, and protecting our environment. 

New technologies and engineering solutions are already delivering energy at a lower cost than the fossil-fuel driven economy. Solar and onshore wind are now the cheapest sources of new bulk power in virtually all major economies. But we must set radical change in motion. 

This means ending subsidies for fossil fuels and high-emitting agriculture and shifting towards renewable energy, electric vehicles and climate-smart practices. It means carbon pricing that reflects the true cost of emissions, from climate risk to the health hazards of air pollution. And it means accelerating the closure of coal plants and halting the construction of new ones and replacing jobs with healthier alternatives so that the transformation is just, inclusive and profitable.

Celebration of World Faiths is on 10/14/19

Please join us for our annual Celebration of World Faiths in the miniature earth, Fuller Dome at SIUE, hosted by the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability. This years theme is: “Worship for a Wounded Planet” and it will feature a multi-faith service dedicating prayer to the planet. We will be finding unity and common cause across faith traditions in honoring the creator by protecting creation.

CWF Flyer 2019.jpg

Equinox Ceremony in the Dome

Sound & Symmetry ~ Fall Equinox Ceremony

An Equinox Ceremony in the Buckminster Fuller Dome at SIUE with Benjamin Lowder, Pati Pellerito & Stephanie Kusmer.

An Equinox Ceremony in the Buckminster Fuller Dome at SIUE with Benjamin Lowder, Pati Pellerito & Stephanie Kusmer.

On Saturday, September 21, 2019 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM, join Benjamin Lowder, Pati Pellerito and Stephanie Kusmer for Sound & Symmetry ~ Fall Equinox Ceremony at the SIUE Fuller Dome.

Benjamin will lead a guided Equinox Sacred Ceremony, invoking the polarities brought on by the Equinox; assisting us as we tune into our center of equilibrium, connecting with other's and the crystalline symmetry and geometry of the Fuller Dome.

You will be supported by harmonic vibrations of gongs, singing bowls and sacred drum rhythms presented by Pati and Stephanie. Together, we will raise and amplify our intentions as we gather in community on this seasonal celebration.
Doors Open at 6:30, we’ll start ceremony at 7pm. Once ceremony starts doors will be locked.

To pay with credit card pre-register at Eventbrit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sound-symmetry-fall-equinox-ceremony-tickets-70531063309?fbclid=IwAR0dvaGoMx9EuB9SWiEAlNINT982qbHsvYC-ocG9UCNTjkP8Rpd4PiNIFHo $30 in advance, $35 cash at door. No cards will be taken at the door. We are limiting the tickets to 40, so sign up early to save your spot.

Bring blanket or mat for comfort. No children under 12 and no refunds unless event is cancelled.

Earth Day in the Fuller Dome

Earth Day 2019

For Earth Day 2019 we created a two fold celebration of the planet. The first half of our celebration occurred at noon on Earth Day and featured a “Blessing For Our Planet” by Rev. Annie Clark, our 2014 Spirituality Award Winner. Those in attendance joined hands in a circle beneath the dome and offered a blessing that included the request to:

“Let us each care for this gift entrusted to us. Let us individually and collectively open ourselves to be worthy of this stewardship, as we joyfully shower unconditional love, compassion and care for our planet, which so wonderfully provides for us.” - Rev. Annie Clark

Earth Day 2019 “Blessing For Our Planet” photo by Howard Ash, Southern Illinois University Marketing and Communications

Earth Day 2019 “Blessing For Our Planet” photo by Howard Ash, Southern Illinois University Marketing and Communications

The second half of our Earth Day celebration consisted of a round-table style discussion lead by a distinguished panel of professionals working in the fields of sustainable design. The discussion utilized Buckminster Fuller’s legacy as a catalyst for entering into an analysis of contemporary sustainable design practices lead by the considerable shared experience of our panelists:

John C. Guenther, FAIA,
John C. Guenther Architect

Daniel F. Hellmuth, AIA
LEEDTM Accredited Professional Principal
hellmuth + bicknese architects

William Odell, FAIA,
HOK Architects

Angela A. Moore, LEED AP O+M,
TRUE Advisor Facilities and Sustainability Coordinator
Missouri Historical Society

Earth Day 2019 in the Fuller Dome

A Perfect Way to Honor Earth Day

Earth Day Flyer 2019.jpg

On Monday, April 22nd, The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability is hosting a pair of special events in the Fuller Dome on the Southern Illinois University Campus, Edwardsville, to observe Earth Day 2019. This two-fold celebration of the planet is intended to address both the spiritual and material aspects of how we can be good stewards of this planet. The Fuller Dome is a translucent, miniature-earth, geodesic dome built by the architectural firm of Fuller and Sadao, Inc. on the campus of SIUE in 1971. Designer Buckminster Fuller and Architect Shoji Sadao sited the center’s dome to straddle the Earth’s 90th Meridian which serendipitously allowed them to reference their earlier work on a more accurate world map that Fuller called the Dymaxion Map. This map also used the 90th meridian as its central reference point, and the resulting structure allows occupants to get a profound sense of their place in the world and the worlds place in the Universe.

The first event is a “Prayer for the Planet” happening in the Fuller Dome at noon on Earth Day. The “Prayer for the Planet” is a nondenominational expression of love and gratitude directed toward the earth. The Fuller Dome’s translucent, miniature-earth, dome provides the perfect place to direct our thanks to our planet that we all too often take for granted. Attendees will be invited to join hands beneath the dome and the Center’s 2014 Spirituality Award winner, Rev. Annie P. Clark of Inner Splendor will share a devotional she wrote titled “A Blessing for Our Planet.”  

The second portion of the Fuller Dome Earth Day Celebration begins at 7:00 pm on the evening of 4/22 in the newly inaugurated Fuller Dome Gallery. The Gallery is currently exhibiting a collection of art prints created by Buckminster Fuller of his most transformative inventions. This collection of photographs and renderings of Fuller’s sustainably driven inventions are being offered as inspiration to professionals working in the fields of architecture, design and engineering. Fuller called for a "design science revolution" to “make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” Attendees will join in an informal round table discussion lead by professionals working in fields of design science to discuss how our built environment can be in better balance with our natural environment. The discussion will draw on the inspiration presented by Fuller's legacy and offer it as a challenge to create a more sustainable society by taking an examined look at where we have been, where we are are now and where we need to go as a species.

The Earth Day 2019 events in the Fuller Dome are free and open to all who wish to attend. For more information email fullerdome@hotmail.com or visit www.fullerdome.org

Scenes From the 2019 Spirituality and Sustainability Awards

Thank You to our sponsors and attendees who made the 2019 Spirituality and Sustainability Awards Dinner possible. This years award winners provided a fantastic evening of inspiration.

2019 Spirituality Leadership Award:Rev. Steve Jackson– Reverend Steve Jackson is the Pastor of Mt. Joy Missionary Baptist Church, the oldest Black Baptist Church in Edwardsville, Illinois.  Mt. Joy has been richly blessed to have had Rev. Steve Jackson as its Pastor for over 40 years.

2019 Sustainability Leadership Award:Goshen Market– For over twenty years the Land of Goshen Community Market in Edwardsville, IL. Has provided local produce, crafts, and music to downtown Edwardsville. The Market has proven to be an integral part of the community using its resources to provide greater access to healthy food, encourage the growth of local agriculture and to educate the community on sustainable farming practices.


Equinox Balance

Spring Equinox Event Under the Dome, 3/20/19

Equinox 2019 Fuller Dome.jpg

The day of the Spring Equinox marks a seasonal transition point when the amount of daylight is equal to the amount of darkness. This represents a powerful opportunity to discover balance inside of ourselves and the world around us. The Equinox is a time for us to come into alignment within ourselves and consider the larger planetary motions that are also coming into balance on the day of the Equinox.

Dianna Lucas presents “Equinox Balance” in the Fuller Dome 3/20/19 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Dianna Lucas presents “Equinox Balance” in the Fuller Dome 3/20/19 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

We are hosting a special “Equinox Balance” program in the Fuller Dome being lead by Dianna Lucas. Dianna is a student and teacher of meditation and movement techniques with more than 35 years of experience. For “Equinox Balance” Dianna will be combining yoga and guided meditation with sound under the Fuller Dome to promote physical and spiritual alignment. The program will run from 6:30 to 8:30 with an optional potluck to follow. Guests may bring a dish to share if they would like to stay after the program for a community potluck and conversation. $40 registration for the “Equinox Balance” program Includes Sacred Cacao by Dianna and the community potluck. Register here on Dianna’s “Sacred Wisdom” website, space is limited. We look forward to seeing you on the equinox in the Center’s miniature earth dome, designed by Buckminster Fuller for the SIUE campus in Edwardsville, IL.

  • yoga with Dianna

  • guided meditation

  • sound healing

  • sacred Cacao

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"Our InVisible World" Book Signing in the Fuller Dome

New Book Reflects on the Transformative Powers Inside of Us

Cover Art and title of Rev. Annie Clark and Bill Anderson’s new book

Cover Art and title of Rev. Annie Clark and Bill Anderson’s new book

We invite you to join us at the CSS on January 26th from 10:00 am to noon for a book signing by Rev. Annie Clark and Bill Anderson, authors of Our Invisible World. Rev. Annie has graced the CSS Annual Celebration of World Faiths by serving in a variety of roles such as panelist, moderator and prayer leader. She received our annual Spirituality Leadership Award in 2014. We are grateful for her generosity of spirit!

Rev Annie Clark receiving the 2014 Spirituality Leadership Award from the CSS.

Rev Annie Clark receiving the 2014 Spirituality Leadership Award from the CSS.

In this lovely book, Rev. Annie and Mr. Anderson examine the powers of love and good that reside in each of us by reflecting on various scripture passages. The reflections are both inspiring and practical, deep and relatable, rendering this book a good bedside or coffee table companion for starting the day. The authors examine the unseen forces within each of us – feelings, emotions, beliefs and fears – that influence the visible world around us, ‘moment by moment.’ While starting from scripture passages, the reflections offer food for thought for people of any faith tradition to guide their daily lives.

 Rev. Annie, an ordained minister, is a graduate of Holmes Institute, formerly Ernest Holmes College, School of Ministry in St. Louis. Her current ministry is Inner Splendor. Through metaphysical Bible studies, spiritual retreats and workshops Inner Splendor serves people of all faiths who seek to examine and uncover their personal beliefs and understanding of life issues. A member of the Metro-East Interfaith Partnership, she is a frequent guest speaker at area churches and civic events. She is a board member of the Eagle’s Nest of St Clair County, serving homeless veterans.

 Mr. Bill Anderson has used his background in engineering, accounting and information services to pursue a successful career managing large software development projects for Fortune 100 companies. Early in his life he was driven to learn more than what church or school could teach about spiritual truth and embarked on a path of self-discovery. He shares the knowledge he’s gained through this pursuit to encourage people to utilize their own power within to be their source of happiness, love and connection to all living things.

Rev. Annie and Mr. Anderson will be signing their book in the Fuller Gallery at the Dome on SIUE’s campus from 10 a.m.  to noon on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Hope to see you there

Jeff Bridges Credit's Bucky as Inspiration

Bridges Draws on Bucky’s “Trim Tab” Philosophy in Golden Globes Speech

golden-globes-jeff-bridges-speech bucky trim tab.jpg

Actor Jeff Bridges received the Cecil B. deMille Award at the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday January 6th 2019. During his acceptance speech for the award, Bridges referenced our very own Buckminster Fuller as the person outside of the movie industry who has provided him with inspiration. Bridges specifically sited Bucky’s metaphor of the “trim tab” to explain the big change that can result from a single individual. The trim tab is a small hinged flap placed on a ship’s rudder that is used to turn the rudder which in turn changes the course of the entire vessel. Bucky used the idea of the small trim tab’s ability to effect big change as an inspiration for the impact that a single person can have on the world. Bridges evoked Bucky’s “trim tab” metaphor to challenge the 2019 Golden Globes audience to see what they could do as individuals to move us collectively toward “love and creating a healthier planet.” This concept was important enough to Bucky’s world view that he had the phrase '“Call Me Trim Tab” etched into his tomb stone.

“I like to think of myself as a trim tab,” Bridges said. “All of us are trim tabs. We seem like we’re not up to the task, but we are, man. We’re alive! We can make a difference. We can turn the ship in the direction we want to go, man! Toward love and creating a healthier planet.”

The Golden Globes wasn’t the first time Bridges evoked Bucky’s trim tab concept. He also shared the concept with Bill Maher in 2018 during a discussion on our individual responsibility to act on climate change.

Reserve a Ticket Now to Bring This Film to Edwardsville

Normal is Over

As of 12/31/18 we need 13 more reservations to bring this documentary film to AMC Edwardsville 12

Normal Is Over The Movie. Award-winning documentary about humanity's wisest responses to climate change, species extinction, resource depletion, income inequality, and the connection between these issues. First film connecting the dots: A look at the financial and economical paradigm underlying our planetary problems, while offering various SOLUTIONS to reverse the path of global decline.

Allegra Fuller Snyder, at the Fuller Dome Gallery Inauguration

Buckminster Fuller’s daughter, Allegra Fuller Snyder attended the Inaugural Reception of the new Fuller Dome Gallery. This new exhibition space was made possible by a grant from the Meridian Society. It is located inside of the Fuller Dome on the SIUE campus. This inaugural exhibition created an opportunity to exhibit the Buckminster Fuller print portfolio, “Inventions, Twelve Around One.” Allegra had donated this portfolio of her father’s artwork to the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability in December of 2017 as way to recognize the good work being done by the Center to continue Bucky’s legacy.

Going forward, the Fuller Dome Gallery will share exhibitions curated from the SIUE University Museum Collection that align with the Center’s mission to “promote humanity’s sacred connection to the earth and each other.”

Bucky's Daughter & Granddaughter to visit the Dome

Bucky's Geodesic drawings art print

Come join two generations of Buckminster Fuller’s family and celebrate a “Bucky Weekend” honoring his legacy in this region. The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability is hosting an opening reception of their new Fuller Dome Gallery. This new exhibition space is located inside the Buckminster Fuller designed Fuller Dome on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. It opens with a reception on Friday, November 9th running from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Examples of Bucky’s art prints that will be on view in the Fuller Dome Gallery

Examples of Bucky’s art prints that will be on view in the Fuller Dome Gallery

The opening reception will feature an exhibition of Buckminster Fuller’s art print portfolio entitled Inventions: Twelve Around One. This print portfolio was gifted to the Center for Spirituality and Sustainability in 2017 by the Estate of Buckminster Fuller and was received into the SIUE University Museum collection in cooperation with the SIUE Foundation. This important set of art prints, produced in 1981, features 13 of Buckminster Fuller’s most significant inventions presented as drawings as well as duotone photographs of those inventions. Future exhibitions in the Fuller Dome Gallery will be curated from the SIUE University Museum’s culturally significant collection of art and artifacts. The framing of the Fuller art prints and the creation of the Fuller Dome Gallery was made possible through a grant from The Meridian Society.

Bucky Fuller’s daughter, Allegra Fuller Snyder, his granddaughter Alexandra May and her husband Sam May will be in attendance for the gallery’s opening, which is part of the “Bucky Weekend” presented at the Fuller Dome. The opening reception of the Fuller Dome Gallery is free and open to the public; however, a premium ticket is available for private events with Bucky’s family that include a VIP Preview of the exhibition and a Bucky related art and architecture tour of the St Louis area.

For a Fuller Experience: We are offering a limited release of 30 Premium Tickets at $100 per ticket for you to enjoy an exclusive VIP Preview of the Fuller Dome Gallery art exhibition with Bucky’s family on Friday, November 9th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Your ticket gets you exclusive access to the preview with hors d’oeuvres and an open bar before the public reception that opens at 7:00 pm.

Plus you’ll have exclusive access to a Bucky related art & architectural tour on the following day in a chartered bus with lunch provided. The tour begins from the SIUE Fuller Dome on Saturday, November 10th at 9:00 am and will cover an array of Bucky related sites and history found in the St Louis area. The tour plans to return to the SIUE Fuller Dome at 4:00 pm. Premium tickets for the VIP Preview on 11/9/18, includes the bonus architectural tour with Bucky’s family on Saturday, 11/10/18.

Bucky Art & Architecture Tour:

  • The tour begins at the Bucky designed SIUE Fuller Dome at 9:00 am on Saturday 11/10. After meeting in the dome we’ll board a chartered bus in front of the Fuller Dome at SIUE in Visitor Parking Lot B

  • The first stop is the Mary Brown Center in East St Louis. This is a built example of Bucky’s 1965 Laminar Geodesic Dome patent. It was built in 1968 and housed the “town hall” meetings for Bucky’s Old Man River City Project he designed for East St Louis in collaboration with Washington University at the urging of famed East St Louis dancer, Katherine Dunham and Wyvetter H. Younge, an Illinois state representative serving East St Louis.

  • The second stop will be the Union Tank Car dome in Woodriver Illinois. The Woodriver dome was built in 1961. It’s 384-foot-wide by 120-foot-high geodesic dome. It was constructed for the Union Tank Car Company for the repair of railroad oil tank cars. Synergetics, Inc., a company founded by Bucky, built this as a pair of tank car domes, but the earlier dome in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, built in 1958 was demolished 2008. At the time, the two domes were the world’s largest clear-span structures.

  • Our Lunch stop in St Louis at the Kranzberg Foundation’s “Zack” Building is presented by the Creative Exchange Lab. Bucky’s daughter Allegra Fuller will do a reading from he father’s essay entitled “Geoview.” This essay was written for the inauguration of Bucky’s SIUE dome. A box lunch will be provided and during lunch you can enjoy a presentation on the construction of St Louis’ “Climatron” dome at the Missouri Botanical gardens.

  • After lunch we are going to the Ruth Asawa Exhibition at St Louis’ Pulitzer Arts Foundation. Artist Ruth Asawa drew inspiration from Bucky as one of his students at Black Mountain College, NC. Ruth and Bucky remained life-long friends and an important Asawa sculpture that hung in Bucky’s Carbondale Illinois dome home is on loan to for exhibit from Bucky’s daughter Allegra.

  • After taking in the Ruth Asawa exhibition we will return the SIUE dome by approximately 4:00 pm.

Space is limited and demand is high so reserve your ticket today by clicking the link below or call Juli Jacobsen at (618) 650-3246 to reserve a spot.

This “Bucky Weekend” was made possible through the partnership and collaborative effort of:

Arts and Sciences Slide.jpg

Celebration of World Faiths 2018

“Religious Freedom in America: Building Bridges of Trust.”

CWF Flyer 2018.jpg

Please join us at the Center for Spirituality & Sustainability in Edwardsville on October 20, 2018 at 7:00 for our 2018 Annual Celebration of World Faiths. This year’s program is a presentation on “Religious Freedom in America: Building Bridges of Trust.” It will begin with an animated video that explains in clear terms the origins of the separation of church and state doctrine and its importance to all faith traditions within the context of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

The presenter will be Dr. Jaymeson Stroud, M.D., who is the president of the O’Fallon Illinois Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. He will share stories of religious persecution that LDS Church members experienced in Illinois and Missouri in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries to demonstrate the importance of religious freedom as intended by the founders of our country. Questions from the audience will be entertained as Dr. Stroud finishes his presentation. Refreshments and opportunity for fellowship will be provided after the program. 

The event is free and open to the public

We Are Proud to Host "The Mississippi Project Workshop VIII"


The Mississippi Project Workshop VIII:

The Value of the Humanities in Teaching and Learning about Sustainability:

Teaching Sustainability Through the Humanities

Are you interested in exploring how you can incorporate sustainability into your curriculum? Are you curious as to how the humanities can add value to your curriculum – even if you’re not in the humanities yourself? Join us for an interactive experience where we’ll explore just that, as well as sustainability learning outcomes, strategies for infusing sustainability into the curriculum, and assignments that promote systems thinking and a sustainability mindset. Participants will also have opportunities to extend research and teaching horizons across disciplines and create new networks with fellow colleagues from SIUE and the region. To register, please email Connie Frey Spurlock.

9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Wednesday, Aug. 15
SIUE Center for Spirituality and Sustainability (The Fuller Dome)

The workshop is free to educators in the region, and will be co-facilitated by Connie Frey Spurlock and Lisa Martino-Taylor. Register at cfrey@siue.edu.

Sustainability at SIUE.png
  • These resource experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the workshop. SIUE's Shelly Goebl-Parker will help participants think about how art can be incorporated into the sustainability curriculum.
  • SIUE Distinguished Research Professor Greg Fields will share connections between indigenous knowledge and sustainability.
  • The Mississippi Project at SIUE is one of 13 AASHE recognized Centers for Sustainbility Across the Curriculum. The workshop is in its 8th year, and has been hosted by SIUE, Saint Louis University and Harris Stowe State University.
  • Deadline to register is August 8, 2018.

See the AASHE event page here.

We Won!

The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability partnered with The University Museum at SIUE to submit a successful application to The Meridian Society for a grant to create an exhibition space inside of the the Fuller Dome.

Fuller Dome Gallery Grant Ap.jpg

The 2018 Meridian Awards were presented were presented to this years winners at a jazz-age themed gala held at the Mannie Jackson Center for the Humanities. The Fuller Dome Gallery made possible by this generous grant from the Meridian Society is scheduled to open this Fall. Please watch for future announcements for the opening of this new exhibition space.