Earth Day 2019 in the Fuller Dome

A Perfect Way to Honor Earth Day

Earth Day Flyer 2019.jpg

On Monday, April 22nd, The Center for Spirituality and Sustainability is hosting a pair of special events in the Fuller Dome on the Southern Illinois University Campus, Edwardsville, to observe Earth Day 2019. This two-fold celebration of the planet is intended to address both the spiritual and material aspects of how we can be good stewards of this planet. The Fuller Dome is a translucent, miniature-earth, geodesic dome built by the architectural firm of Fuller and Sadao, Inc. on the campus of SIUE in 1971. Designer Buckminster Fuller and Architect Shoji Sadao sited the center’s dome to straddle the Earth’s 90th Meridian which serendipitously allowed them to reference their earlier work on a more accurate world map that Fuller called the Dymaxion Map. This map also used the 90th meridian as its central reference point, and the resulting structure allows occupants to get a profound sense of their place in the world and the worlds place in the Universe.

The first event is a “Prayer for the Planet” happening in the Fuller Dome at noon on Earth Day. The “Prayer for the Planet” is a nondenominational expression of love and gratitude directed toward the earth. The Fuller Dome’s translucent, miniature-earth, dome provides the perfect place to direct our thanks to our planet that we all too often take for granted. Attendees will be invited to join hands beneath the dome and the Center’s 2014 Spirituality Award winner, Rev. Annie P. Clark of Inner Splendor will share a devotional she wrote titled “A Blessing for Our Planet.”  

The second portion of the Fuller Dome Earth Day Celebration begins at 7:00 pm on the evening of 4/22 in the newly inaugurated Fuller Dome Gallery. The Gallery is currently exhibiting a collection of art prints created by Buckminster Fuller of his most transformative inventions. This collection of photographs and renderings of Fuller’s sustainably driven inventions are being offered as inspiration to professionals working in the fields of architecture, design and engineering. Fuller called for a "design science revolution" to “make the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.” Attendees will join in an informal round table discussion lead by professionals working in fields of design science to discuss how our built environment can be in better balance with our natural environment. The discussion will draw on the inspiration presented by Fuller's legacy and offer it as a challenge to create a more sustainable society by taking an examined look at where we have been, where we are are now and where we need to go as a species.

The Earth Day 2019 events in the Fuller Dome are free and open to all who wish to attend. For more information email or visit